Statement of Confession

Statement of Confession

Signing the Heirloom Love Confession is a great way to help solidify your good intentions. We urge you to join the community of sincere believers who are signing the confession. Together, we are making a powerful and encouraging statement to each other and, perhaps more importantly, to our persecuted brothers and sisters about our unified agreement to remember them.

Heirloom Love Confession

I understand that millions of Christians are being persecuted around the world.

I also understand that since I am a follower of Jesus Christ, His New Command requires me to love, remember and, as able, help suffering and persecuted fellow believers in the household of faith.

I confess that I have not loved and remembered my persecuted fellow believers in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Scripture.

I will sincerely seek to change my ways and seek to practice biblical love for Christians who are suffering and persecuted for their faith.

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People who have signed the statement of confession

Name City State Date Signed
Laurie Huntsville Alabama 7/18/16
Chris Tafuna American Samoa 4/3/17
Craig Capistrano Beach California 3/13/18
Carrie Miller Visalia California 10/16/15
Alfred Dover Florida 7/22/17
John Jacksonville Florida 6/4/17
Cheryl St Petersburg Florida 3/3/17
Natalie Tampa Florida 7/18/16
Dominic Tampa Florida 10/5/16
Jim Morgan Tampa Florida 5/12/17
Lisa Marion Iowa 8/2/15
Gabriela Vitória Indiana 7/1/17
Tim Louisvile Kentucky 7/11/17
LOIS Detroit Michigan 11/29/16
Stephanie Greenville North Carolina 6/11/17
Josiah Reed Hickory North Carolina 9/14/17
Alan New Providence New Jersey 10/26/16
devon new york New York 9/8/15
Fredrica ROCKWOOD Tennessee 10/29/16
Sam Longview Texas 4/20/15
Samuel Longview Texas 4/21/15
Justin Longview Texas 7/18/16
Mike Snohomish Washington 11/8/16
Tanie Harpers Ferry West Virginia 8/21/17